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Langly co. | | April 06 2019

Photographer Ike Edeani shows the beauty of Africa through the use of natural light and a sense of intimacy based on his own journey through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Karibu Tena, was shot during a chaotic journey over four weeks visiting remote communities, schools and meeting wonderful people along the way. Ike was born and raised Nigeria and is now based in New York where he works as a photographer.

Introducing // Langly Brand Ambassador : TAG CHRISTOF

Melanie deJesus | | September 27 2017

Melanie deJesus for Langly examines the work of Brand Ambassador, Tag Christof, the photographer behind "America Is Dead" and a photo journalist who sees the importance of considering the immediate world around us before it's gone. 

Introducing // Langly Brand Ambassador : AMBER L. CANTERBURY

Melanie deJesus | | August 16 2017

Melanie deJesus for Langly connects with Brand Ambassador, Amber L. Canterbury, to discuss recent work in the Congo, her moment of gratitude, and life on the road.


Introducing // Langly Brand Ambassador : Ian Morrison

Melanie deJesus | | July 04 2017

Sam Cohan for Langly sits down with Brand Ambassador Ian Morrison to discuss his recent shoot in Alaska, his dislike of Colonialism and his love for Langly Camera bags.


Photographer Highlight: SEAN MURPHY...Lifestyle Photographer + Father of 3

Melanie deJesus | | June 08 2017

Photographer Sean Murphy is the type of whole hearted maniac you want to take your photo. Part mad scientist, part dharma bum and wholly original, writer Sam Cohan sat down with the father of three to talk about fatherhood in the modern age.


Langly co. | | January 18 2017

The life motto of New York based photographer Mikaela Gauer is to pack light. She grew up in Vancouver around her father’s old Nikons and family photo slideshows of their vacations. Having taken Semester at Sea during university, and working in the creative industry of New York for over 8 years.


Langly co. | | December 02 2016

Salvador in Brazil is the colonial port city of perfect sunsets, delicious food and a rich Afro Brazilian culture. You can indulge in a delicious seafood stew or deep-fried street food, while strolling through the colorful colonial architecture.


Langly co. | | September 29 2016

Australian summers and European winters seen from above are stunning landscapes that photographer Gabriel Scanu captures with his drone. Growing up in the endless Australian summer in Sydney, he has captured remote coastal spots all over the country. Now, he is opening up a YouTube channel to take these landscapes to motion.


Langly co. | | November 06 2015

Women in oversized fur coats are the subject of Sinan Tuncay’s Milano series. While on exchange with the Erasmus program, the Turkish and New York based artist, photographed women in fur coats and then, digitally manipulated the images to accentuate the theatrical look of fur. The chic vibe of Milan during winter inspired his work. Influenced by both Istanbul and New York his images and videos are intimate and culturally rich. We talked to Sinan about how these series came about.


Langly co. | | November 03 2015

During the summer of 2011 photographer Paul Kwiatkowski witnessed a Vodou pilgrimage in Haiti’s northern region. Despite the destruction brought by the earthquake in 2010, Haiti retained its magic and rich culture. A genuine interest took Paul to the caves where animal sacrifices, Vodou trances and rituals take place every year. Growing up in South Florida, Haiti always felt both far away and close.


Langly co. | | October 06 2015

The state of Florida is Melissa Lyttle’s home and photographic inspiration. She has photographed the diversity of Florida’s population and the tough lives of those living in motels around the state for more than 12 years. Her photos capture both the dark and colorful side of the state where countless stories take place every day. We caught up with Melissa to find out how her career has have evolved since she photographed Motel Families in 2003.


Langly co. | | September 29 2015

Guatemalan photographer Jaime Permuth captured the everyday lives of the people working in the junkyards of Queens before its radical change in 2012. The ‘Yonkeros’,  strip wreck cars to sell them as metal or parts. The term was born from the English word junk and conjugated in Spanish by the vast majority of immigrants living in Willets Point, Queens. What was once a bustling industrial area of commerce and business where the New York City’s Yonkeros made a living, is now a development area that will serve the modern daydream of glamour. Jaime says that with places like these disappearing, the city is losing its poetry.

Getting deep: Christopher Leidy

Langly co. | | September 27 2015

Photographer Christopher Leidy feels most at home underwater. He harnesses the dichotomy of stillness in a fast-moving world with his art. Leidy evokes the sheer complexity and beauty of being totally in the moment through the seascapes and creatures he encounters. It is in the ocean where Leidy finds solace.


Langly co. | | September 20 2015

I went to a circus looking for a daily life feature, and when I asked where I could find children practicing to become professional, I learned about the circus school. The training in this school involves discipline, motivation, and a lot of practicing.

Chris Burkard: The Neverending Story

Langly co. | | June 16 2015

Chris Burkard’s photos take adventure, surfing and photography to a whole new level. With the ocean as his main muse, freezing weather and wild landscapes are the usual settings of his incredible photos. Based in Central Coast, California, Burkard is a self-taught photographer with a successful career that has led him to travel extensively, and open a gallery and a studio. Iceland’s magic inspires his work and that is why it is his favorite place on earth.


Langly co. | | June 01 2015

Advertising and design have shaped the exciting career of freelance photographer Michael O’Neal. Originally from New York and now based in San Francisco, Michael has travelled extensively through Wyoming, Utah and California. His dog Preston, his Iphone and a digital camera are his usual travel companions. North and East is a photo-project based on a road trip from San Francisco to Wyoming


Langly co. | | May 14 2015

The metal scene in Iceland or California is not that different for Polish photographer Magdalena Wosinska. Living in the US since 1991, Magdalena captures her love for music and travel as a way to document her life and those around her. She has published three books and is planning solo shows around the world in her most recent project that takes on traveling and nudity to beautiful timeless portraits.


Langly co. | | April 28 2015

Theodore Kaye’s background is as fascinating as his photo stories. He grew up in China, India and Indonesia and has had the opportunity to study languages like Uzbek and Farsi. His work Kyrgyz Exodus unveils political tension, geographical hardship and the lives of a semi-nomad community in an exodus to Eastern Turkey. Their lives have changed significantly and the photographs depict the change of their traditions as they adjust to a new way of life.


Langly co. | | April 20 2015

London based photographer Alex De Mora latest shoot involved over 60-year-old models, tracksuits and a lot of bling. His editorial and commercial work is extensive in publications like VICE and i-D. We talked to Alex about what inspires him and found out that he loves cats and Chelsea Football Club.

Introducing Langly Ambassador: Amanda Charchian

Langly co. | | April 07 2015

Amanda Charchian uses fine art, photography, film and sculpture to create intimate experiences with her subjects, art and nature. Based in Los Angeles, Amanda has been featured in major publications internationally and is now working on an exciting collaboration with female artists. With a Cuba trip and a book coming up we talked to our new ambassador about her take on photography, the human body and travelling.


Langly co. | | December 16 2014

The Sepik River is infested by crocodiles and guarded by Papua New Guinea’s crocodile men. Photographer Tom Parker shows the beauty and diversity of the people living along the river of Papua’s diverse landscapes. In eleven days, Tom witnessed spirituality, poverty and tribal rituals that were unique to each tribe. We talked to Tom about Papua as a travel destination


Langly co. | | December 08 2014

This photo story feels like opening a fantasy book with extraordinary imagery but it is based on real life and photographs of the magical world of Iceland. The island captured the attention of Spanish documentary photographer Bego Antón who spent a month meeting magical creatures’ believers and graduated from Elf School. Most of her work is around the ‘strange’ world of individuals that believe in elves, UFOS and other extraordinary creatures. Her insight into how magic feels like is transgressed through photography and text.

Avon Park: Daniel Bedell

Langly co. | | November 25 2014

In the Highlands County in Central Florida there is a small town that reveals a landscape of diversity. Immigration, religion, citrus farming, ‘hoods’ and the countryside are all part of Avon Park. Washington based photographer Daniel Bedell spent most of his childhood years up until college in this small town. Between 2011 and 2012 he decided to re-visit the town as an adult and unveil those things he missed as a kid. The town barber ‘Larry’ became an important person for him to find his subjects and have very interesting conversations


Langly co. | | November 10 2014

State and county fairs in Minnesota are places where you can find from massive stuffed animals to anything you can fry and put on a stick. Proud kids from the countryside bring their well-raised animals to compete for the ultimate price, a Blue Ribbon. Between ferris wheels, barns and games people from all over the US come each summer to the fairs. Fascinated by the diversity of these fairs, photographers Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber photographed farmers, kids, teenagers, city dwellers and all the people that come together to experience this well-known American tradition.


Langly co. | | October 31 2014

This story starts in Italy more than 80 years ago when Mussolini prohibited the use of foreign language in movies. Italian actors started being tied up to specific voices like well-known Feruccio Amendola and his persona that incorporated De Niro, Hoffman and Stalone all in one. Italians still love the voices and the persona these dubbers have created. This fascinating story caught the interest of American photographer Reed Young and took him to visit one of the biggest studios of dubbers in Rome. Reed and the Italian Dubbers managed to recreate the most famous scenes of Hollywood. Irony, Hollywood and an Italian/Roman mood make this photo story interesting and captivating. We talked to Reed about how was it like to shoot these unique Italian celebrities.

The Moneybag Movement in Syracuse: Andrew Renneisen

Langly co. | | October 27 2014

The Moneybag Movement is a hip-hop group from Syracuse, New York a city that is at its peak in poverty levels. Within rough social and employment conditions the members of the group find time to be parents, work at odd jobs, attend basement parties and keep their dream of making hip-hop alive. Photographer Andrew Renneisen spent some time with the guys from the Moneybag Movement and has won two consecutive student awards of excellence with the Alexia Foundation for his projects documenting violence and social issues.

Interview: Molly Matalon

Langly co. | | October 13 2014

Molly Matalon's new photographs feel like a candy store. She grew up in South Florida with palm trees, pools and sunny days in her surroundings. Her well-known photo story on her Mom shows the lifestyle the landscape in South Florida lends itself for. Her photographs have since, taken a new way into people’s portraits and new perspectives where she travels. Molly is now based in Brooklyn and has launched a book on her more recent photo-project, a set of studio portraits that look like yearbook photos full of character. We caught up with her and talked about lighting, travelling and what’s the secret to make it as a young photographer.


Langly co. | | October 11 2014

In the Southern Garden is a photo-story of the past and the present that Swedish born and Texan raised photographer Kris Davidson has been working on for the last four years. It’s a journey that takes you to understand some aspects of what it means to be American. Diversity, wilderness, slavery, civil war and religion unfold in a green lush landscape in the South of the United States. Shot in a Sinar 4x5 camera  the photos create a sense of stillness from the beginnings of photography. We talked to Kris about her project and where it’s heading.

Featured Profile: Mark Clinton

Evan Lane | | October 07 2014

Growing up on Sydney’ s Northern Beaches, it was only natural for Mark Clinton to fall in love with the ocean. From an early age, clean waves and glowing pink sunrises had me captivated, motivating me to pick up a camera and record what I saw. As time drew on and my desire to see new places grew, I spent my time traveling through Europe and South East Asia with the aim of documenting my experiences.

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