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Behind The Image - Brad Heaton

Brad Heaton is a professional photographer working in the music industry. He's been been touring the world non-stop for the past 12 months following DJ Steve Aoki

Behind The Image - Nicolas Bruno

Nicolas Bruno is a New York-based artist working in the mediums of photography, sculpture, and costume design. He create surreal self-portraiture based on his experiences with Sleep Paralysis, a sleep disorder that causes terrifying visual...

Behind The Image - Brad Longworth

Brad Longworth is an automotive and lifestyle photographer who works with a range of brands from Aston Martin and Triumph Motorcycles to Quadlock to showcase their product to the world. Brad thrives when shooting fast...

Behind The Image - John Bozinov

John is a New Zealand born polar expedition photographer and an educator who has an emphasis on creating clean, authentic imagery in some of the most remote environments on our planet.

Behind The Image - Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine is one of the most recognized photographers in the genre of horror photography.  With the Halloween season upon us we catch up with Joshua and find out more about this unique sub genre...

Behind The Image - Geoff Waugh

Cycle sport snapper and UK Sports Photographer of the Year award winner Geoff Waugh shares his behind the image story with us.  Geoff fell into the game after starting off as a a journalist on...

Behind The Image - Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont is a conflict, documentary & environmental filmmaker and photographer from Australiar and is recognised around the world for his photography on the human condition, war and climate....


Photographer Ike Edeani shows the beauty of Africa through the use of natural light and a sense of intimacy based on his own journey through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Karibu Tena, was shot during a...

Introducing: TAG CHRISTOF

Melanie deJesus for Langly examines the work of Tag Christof, the photographer behind "America Is Dead" and a photo journalist who sees the importance of considering the immediate world around us before it's gone.