When selecting a fabric for our Weekender Camera Bag Collection we wanted to provide something different to the existing bags in our range.  We could have played it safe and opted for a nylon type fabric, but decided the collection needed something different, something with a more organic and natural feel that captures the spirit of the weekend adventurer.

After a lot of research and testing we landed on Rugged Twill Canvas as the main ingredient for the Weekender camera bag range. 

As a new material for Langly we wanted to share what we love about Rugged Twill and why we chose this for the new collection and what you can expect from it during the life of your bag.

It looks great and feels great

 As well as the technical qualities it posesses, the fabric looks and feels great too.  It has a very natural texture that is warm and inviting – far less sterile than a nylon type fabric that is more typical amongst other camera bags.  From day one the weekender bags feel like they’ve been part of your set up for years.

Waterproof coating keeps your gear safe & dry

 Our Rugged Twill canvas features a water proof treatment which makes water bead and roll off the surface, helping to keep expensive equipment safe and dry.

A fabric that ages gracefully

 ...and dare we say it, gets better with age.  What you’ll find with Rugged Twill is it develops it’s own character.  Scuffs and marks will show, and this is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s the opposite - scuffs and wear can be considered badges of honor, each one has a story to tell and is a reminder of the adventures your bag has shared with you.

Cleaning, treating and maintaining Rugged Twill 

As mentioned the fabric is treated with a waterproof coating, this provides a great layer of protection, minimizing dirt and keeping your equipment dry.  However, after prolonged use, and particularly with hard use in the field, the waterproof coating wears and the waterproof properties will diminish.  There are a couple of options to keep your bag repelling water for years to come.

The first option is to treat with a spray type repellant, or alternatively a rub in type wax.  Just be aware that both options make the fabric a bit darker.  With wax type treatments making lighter fabrics very much darker.  We recommend spot treating a section of the fabric first before committing to the entire bag just to make sure you’re happy with the outcome.

Repairing Rugged Twill bags

Rips, tears and general wear happens, especially once your bag has clocked up a few miles.  The canvas fabric is pretty malleable so repairing is in most cases straight forward. If you don’t have a local repairer, we can recommend some send-in bag repair companies.