How To Attach A Tripod To A Camera Bag

Read our guide on how to attach a tripod to a camera bag

Tripods are of course an essential piece of equipment for most photography expeditions.  Although essential they can be extremely awkward to carry around and if not carried correctly can become quite an annoyance.

How you attach a tripod to a camera bag using straps depends on two factors: what type of strap / buckle you have on your bag, and where the strap is placed.


Is A Tripod Strap Important?

That depends, to some photographers who use tripods a lot (think wedding photographers) then yes it is, for others it’s not.  It really depends on the type of photography you are using and how accessible you need a tripod to be.

If you use a tripod a lot then you definitely want to consider a camera bag that has a tripod strap.


What Is The Most Common Way Of Strapping A Tripod To A Backpack?

The most common type of strap to attach a tripod to a bag is a webbed strap with a quick release buckle.  This type of strap is adjustable meaning you can easily tighten it up to accommodate different sized tripods

Other types of straps include bungy straps and ‘belt buckle’ style straps


Where Are Tripod Straps Normally Found On A Camera Bag?

Tripods straps are normally found in one of two positions on a bag, on the side and on the bottom.  Each location has their own pros and cons

Side straps
Pros: more easily accessible, especially when the bag is still on your back
Cons: takes up space that could be used for external pockets

Bottom straps
Pros: out of the way and doesn’t use up much space
Cons: can make it awkward to rest the bag down on it’s base

How Do I Prepare My Tripod For Attaching It To A Bag?

Preparing a tripod to attach it to your bag is pretty straight forward.

    1. Remove the camera from the tripod – having a camera attached exposes it to potential knocks and bumps
    2. Collapse the legs – this shortens the tripod and makes it more compact
    3. Lock the legs – once collapsed, lock the legs so they don’t extend out again when being carried


What Is The Best Way Of Carrying A Tripod?

Of course attaching a tripod to your camera bag is but one way of carrying your tripod.  The other options of carrying a tripod are:

  • Place it inside your camera bag, although this does have the disadvantage of taking up considerable room inside your bag
  • Use a tripod sling or a tripod strap
  • Strap it to your bag with bungee or Velcro straps
  • And of course you could just carry it

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