What is the Best Camera Strap for Hiking?

What is the Best Camera Strap for Hiking?

What better companion for your hike than your trusty camera – there by your side ready to capture scenery, wildlife and the outdoor surroundings.

The key to great outdoor photography is capturing the moment when it happens, you never know when wildlife will cross your path or when you’ll stumble across that awesome scenic view.  That means having your camera accessible and within easy reach is paramount – the best way to achieve this is by having it around your neck or shoulder via a strap.


Our pick: the Paracord Camera Strap

Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope, originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes.  It has a slightly elastic property to it which makes it a great material to use for camera straps and the perfect strap option for hiking.

When hiking you’re constantly walking over rough terrain and clambering over boulders and other obstacles.  Each movement is transferred to your camera through the strap.  A paracord camera strap provides a slight amount of cushioning isolating your expensive camera equipment from jarring actions.

And while photography isn’t always a fashion statement, paracord straps do look very cool.  They come in a range of colors and patterns and the construction really shows off the material of the cord.


What to look for when buying a paracord camera strap

Not all straps are created equally.  Make sure you consider the following points when buying a paracord strap:

  • Paracord minimum strength – look out for a 550lb (250kg) min strength, this is also known as a Type III cord.
  • Camera attachments – check out how the strap will attach to your camera, consider quick release attachments if you are swapping your strap between bodies.
  • Webbing component – rather than a 100% paracord strap consider a strap that has sections of paracord, but also flat webbing in the center. Flat webbing will sit better against your neck with the cord elements still providing cushioning.


What are the other uses for a paracord camera strap?

Although designed for cameras we have customers buying and using our straps for a variety of purposes including:

Paracord straps truly are versatile and able to be used in a range of situations.



Langly Paracord Camera Strap


Langly Paracord Camera Strap

Product Features:

  • 550-lb test paracord for enhanced durability.
  • Eyelet support to fit any SLR, DSLR, rangefinder, or binoculars.
  • Can handle the heaviest camera/lens combinations.
  • Feels good, looks good, and gets the job done.

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