Getting deep: Christopher Leidy

Getting deep: Christopher Leidy

Photographer Christopher Leidy feels most at home underwater. He harnesses the dichotomy of stillness in a fast-moving world with his art. Leidy evokes the sheer complexity and beauty of being totally in the moment through the seascapes and creatures he encounters. It is in the ocean where Leidy finds solace.

Leidy has made an art form out of adventure. He spends months at a time in some of the world’s most exotic places - from Papua New Guinea and Micronesia to Tonga and the Soloman Islands - fully immersed in the culture, Leidy doesn’t rely on guidebooks; he tries to experience things through the eyes of the natives, not as a tourist.

What is it about the ocean you love so much?

The open expanse. Everything goes quiet when you are under the surface, unknowing of what you are going to experience. The possibilities are endless. 

How did you get into underwater photography?

I was born with salt water in my veins. Growing up in south Florida meant spending any free time in the ocean. So it's safe to say that I was born with a deep love and admiration for our mother, the ocean. My love for the camera came much later in life. When I decided to combine both of my passions, camera and water, there was no stopping me. Eight years ago was when I decided to follow my heart, explore the planet, capture and share my experiences.


What is your creative process like? What inspires you?

I dive into the ocean, Nothing is pre-meditated. I float and observe with open eyes and an open mind. The creative process can be set off by a huge school of sharks darting at my lens or a pigmy sea horse the size of a grain of rice. Every shape and size has beauty to me underwater. Swimming without blinders allows me to swim freely.


What's your next adventure?

I just returned from Papua New Guinea, Komodo and Australia. I was hopping around for the last three months and literally just made it back stateside. As for my next adventure, that's a hard one. My bucket list is a mile long. Iceland, Kiribati, La Paz, Austria or anywhere in between.


All photos by: Christopher Leidy