Top Camera Bag Brands for 2022

Keeping your gear safe while you are out on a shoot, hiking through the wilderness or just grabbing the bus across town is paramount for any photographer, whether amateur or professional. 

Camera bags are the all-important link between a photographer and the safety of their equipment. So it's no surprise that you want to know you have got the right one for the job when buying a new camera bag. We have put together this handy guide to give you a helping hand when deciding which camera bag to buy.

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Camera Bag

Finding the perfect camera bag to suit your requirements can be a bit daunting when you don't know what you are looking for. So first up, here are some tips from the professionals in what to look for in a good camera bag.

  1. Good Weight Distribution. Carrying your camera gear all day can get heavy, this makes the weight distribution of the bag one of the most important aspects of any camera bags design. Always ensure the camera compartment is located right at the bottom of the backpack. This is because your camera gear is probably going to be the heaviest part of your gear, having it at the bottom of the backpack will help lower the centre of gravity.
  2. Comfy Shoulder Straps. How big are the straps? What is the padding like? A must for a comfortable camera backpack, the shoulder straps should be wide and help distribute the weight equally around your shoulder, with the addition of a waist strap or sternum strap if necessary.
  3. Good Airflow. How good is the airflow at the back? The back panel must allow the air to circulate to prevent your back from sweating. 
  4. Plenty Of Pockets. The pockets can make or break a camera bag. A good amount of pockets of all sizes is paramount. There should be room for all manner of gear and accessories from lenses to memory cards, laptops to phone chargers and space for everyday needs such as a sweater, water bottle and car keys.
  5. Durability. Travelling and being on location with your gear is going to mean some heavy-duty conditions. Having a tough, reliable, and durable backpack enough to withstand day to day wear and tear is essential. Not to mention it must be strong enough to keep your gear safe and sound.
  6. Excellent Build Quality. This is one of the first things to look for when choosing a new camera bag. Look for durable stitching, quality fabric, sturdy straps, water-resistant materials, good zippers and reinforced high wear areas. The camera bag should be built to last.
  7. Style That Suits. Last but not least, pick something you actually like and are comfortable carrying around when you travel. While functionality is paramount, a camera backpack can still be a fashionable accessory! 

    Best Camera Bags for 2022

    While wading through the many many different camera bag brands can be a fun research project. For those who don't have the time, take a look below for our top picks for the best camera backpack, best everyday bag, best environmentally friendly camera bag, the best affordable option and much more!

    Best Camera Backpack

    Langly Alpha Globetrotter XC Backpack

    Langly are handcrafted quality camera bags makers using only premium components and hard-wearing fabrics. Langly camera bags are as perfect for the globetrotting adventurer as the urban enthusiast - and everyone in-between. These camera bags stand out from the crowd with a unique vintage look that speaks to the adventure-seeking photographer providing versatility and functionality capable of safely storing and carrying everything you might need for the day. Whether you are taking a mirrorless camera, a DSLR or a compact, Langly has got it covered. Langly has very successfully created that perfect balance between form and function with their camera bags.

    Available in two colours; Black and Black/Brown, the Langly Alpha Globetrotter XC backpack is the ideal camera bag for travel photography, whether you're an amateur or professional. Some of the highlights of the Alpha Globetrotter backpack are:


    • Beautiful vintage look
    • Excellent build quality
    • Spacious camera compartment
    • Lots of extra pouches
    • Water-resistant fabric
    • Waterproof zippers
    • Plenty of extra space
    • Even weight distribution
    Best Camera Bag Image
    Best Camera Bag Image front and side
    Best Camera Bag Image - padded back panel
    Best Camera Bag Image - tripod straps
    Best camera bag image - internal padded compartment
    Best camera bag image - external straps and detail

    Best Environmentally Friendly Camera Bag

    Peak Design's Everyday Totepack

    Peak Designs was born from Peter Dering's desire to create a camera bag that would make carrying your gear around easier and safer. Peak Design is 100% crowdfunded, prioritises people and the planet over profit, and is entirely carbon neutral.

    Need a camera bag that's going to tick all of the environmentally friendly boxes? Then Peak Designs Everyday Totepack is the one for you. Some of the Totepack's highlights are:

    • Small, stylish camera bag
    • 400D weatherproof canvas
    • Wide-top access point
    • Weatherproof magnetic closure
    • External cord hook system

    Best All-Weather Camera Bag

    Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II

    Lowepro camera bags offer innovative functionality combined with the all-important protection factor. Lowepro bags are purpose-built for optimal protection from impact, abrasion, moisture and the rigours of travel. You will find Lowepro produces a wide range of camera bags, including trolleys, backpacks, sling bags, waist belts and more.

    The Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II is a versatile bag that has good access and is easily customisable. It offers excellent modular functionality and comfort. Some of its highlights are:

    • All-Weather AW cover
    • Moulded impact Formshell Protection
    • Waterproof materials
    • Comfort harness system
    • Modular storage system
    • Lots of accessories
    • Full back access

    Best Rolling Cases

    Think Tank Airport Security V3.0

    Created through the collaborative efforts of professional photographers and product designers, Think Tank was founded in 2005. The company produces a range of quality camera bags, cases and modular accessories designed to support photographers out there doing their job.

    The Airport Security V3.0 is made from premium quality materials designed for optimal durability, with the addition of advanced security features specifically for travel situations. The Airport Security V3.0 comes in a range of sizes and is a good choice for those encountering extensive air travel on their photographic journeys. Some highlight are:

    • Meets most airline carry-on requirements
    • Dedicated padded laptop and tablet compartments
    • Lockable pocket
    • Retractable handle
    • Includes rain cover

    Best Small Camera Bag

    Tamrac Stratus 21

    An American camera bag company, Tamrac has been designing and manufacturing photography bags and cases since 1977. Many professional photographers rely on their versatile range of products for everyday use.

    Expect to find good internal storage and organisation packed into a small space, all with the professional photographer's kit in mind. Some of the highlights of the Tamrac Stratus 21 are:

    • Airflow straps
    • Multiple internal and external pockets
    • A large main compartment
    • Thick, foam-padded plastic platform
    • EasyGrip carrying handle

    Best Structured Multiuse Bag

    NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Pack

    Nomatic produces a wide range of functional, fashionable, and purposeful products that extends  beyond camera bags and encompasses luggage, wallets, briefcases, and more!

    Suitable for everyday use, the Peter McKinnon Camera Pack is the perfect bag for urban adventures or amateur photographers. Its clever storage allows you to pack camera gear and clothing in the same bag using a removable folding dividers system. Some of the highlights of the Peter McKinnon Camera Pack are:

    • Clever customisable interior organisation
    • Solid Structure
    • Good protection for camera gear
    • Exterior twin fold-flat water bottle/tripod pockets

    Best Shoulder Bag

    Billingham Hadley Pro Camera Bag

    Founded in 1973, M Billingham & Co was initially based on an existing fishing bag design that photographers of the time frequently purchased because it was the right size and fit for their gear.

    The current Billingham bags are made in the UK and are versatile enough to be used as a camera bag or everyday bag, some of Hadley Pro Camera Bag highlights are:

    • Full-grain leather and brass fixings
    • Made in England with a 5 Year Warranty
    • Soft, light weight inner material
    • Waterproof canvas exterior
    • Weighs approximately 10% less than traditional canvas bags
    • Works as a camera bag or everyday bag

    Best Cheap Multipurpose Camera Bag

    Manifrotto Advanced 2 BeFree

    Italian brand Manfrotto are known for their broad range of camera bags, cases and accessory bags, offering photographers a complete carry-all system for all types of photography equipment. The company also sells a range of photography gear, including camera tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories.

    Manfrotto bags provide good protection for a variety of situations, making them a good choice for amateur or professional photographers. The Manifrotto Advanced 2 BeFree can be used as a camera backpack, a laptop backpack or a daypack making it a versatile, more affordable option. Some of its highlights are:

    • Innovative Camera Protection System
    • Ergonomic, lightweight and spacious
    • Rear access for camera and lens
    • Holds a laptop and/or tablet
    • Tripod stays protected in an expandable side pocket
    • Aircraft carry-on friendly
    • Rain cover included

    Trying to find the perfect camera bag and still not quite sure what you want?

    Find out more information about what to look for in a camera bag here, or read our field notes for more ideas on the best camera bags.