New Weekender Camera Bag & Luggage Collection

New Weekender Camera Bag & Luggage Collection

 A new collection of multi-functional and adaptable bags designed for photography, travel and every-day use.

The Weekender Collection is our new range of Camera Bags and photography inspired travel pieces. In creating the collection we’ve tried to achieve a well-balanced combination of Langly design heritage and contemporary styling.

We looked back into our design archive, extracting key elements from the first Langly products then introduced new construction techniques, materials and trim. The result is undeniably Langly, but elevated in terms of function and aesthetic.

We’ve learnt a lot in our first 10 years, the Weekender collection is a culmination of all this wrapped up in three great bags.

Multi Functional and Adaptable Bags

Multi-functionality is a big theme. There are loads of different ways to adapt and use the bags, dependent on the situation and individual preference. The zipped dividers and removable camera cubes in both the backpack and the flight bag really expand use options.

With the cubes installed the bags serve their primary purpose of all day camera bags.  Remove the cubes and unzip the internal dividers and you’ve got an every-day bag option.  The cubes can also be used independently, on their own , or pop them into another bag as the travel scenario or photography brief demands.


    Protection is paramount

    All bags are heavily padded in the right areas to both protect gear and make them supremely comfortable.  The bags are foul weather resistant with roll top closures, reverse coated zips and a water proof treated main material.

    High grade materials & components

    Combining a reliably robust Rugged Twill canvas with modern webbing, powder-coated hardware and technical meshes works really well. We’ve also introduced silicon into the main branding, which looks fantastic, and used this to make our cord zip pulls so much easier to use.

    The Rugged Twill canvas is not only hard wearing but it features a water proof treatment which makes water bead and roll off the surface, helping to keep expensive equipment safe and dry.

    The Backpack and Flight Bag both feature aluminum Fidlock magnetic buckles.  These top end buckles magnetically close when drawn close to each other making it a very quick and non-fiddly process to secure the bag.  Opening the buckles is just as easy too, lifting the buckle leaver breaks the magnetic connection giving access to the bag.



    Introducing the Weekender Collection

    Weekender Backpack with Camera Cube

    The Weekender Backpack with Camera Cube is a clean low profile designed backpack for the content creator and photographer, and with the camera cube removed, it's equally at home as an every day backpack.

    This versatile camera backpack has two compartments, the lower compartment holds the removable camera cube, with the upper compartment for every day items such as clothing, books, etc. Unzipping the internal divider transforms the weekender from a dedicated camera bag to an everyday bag - perfect for university, work or those around town missions without your camera.

    When used as a camera bag, access to your equipment is via the full zip away back panel - this opens up the entire backpack for quick and easy access to the camera cube.  Additionally the bag can also be accessed via the roll top closure on the top of the bag.

    The camera cube is large enough to hold 1 body and up to 4 lenses.


    Weekender Flight Bag with Camera Cube

    When you're travelling light, but need a versatile option for both photography and general travel, the Weekender Flight Bag With Camera Cube is your ideal companion.

    This camera bag has two compartments separated by an internal zip-away divider.  The lower compartment houses the removable camera cube and is accessed via the large front opening.  The camera cube with it's padded interior and 6 internal dividers will keep your equipment stowed safe and sound on your travels.

    The upper compartment, accessed via either the front zip or the roll top closure is perfect for every day items such as clothing, books, etc.  Unzipping the internal divider transforms the Weekender Flight Bag from a camera bag to an everyday bag - perfect for university, work or those around town missions without your camera.

    The camera cube is large enough to hold 1 body and up to 4 lenses.


    Weekender Duffle bag


    Looking for that go-to bag to throw your gear in for your next photography road trip?  Meet your next travelling companion, the Weekender Duffle Bag.

    Constructed from water-resistant cotton Rugged Twill this bag is designed for adventures both out in the field and urban environments.

    The Weekender Duffle includes YKK locking zips for increased protection, organizer pockets and a custom lining for easy cleaning and maintenance.


    Weekender Kit Bag


    A place for everything and everything in it's place.  When you get your hands on the Weekender Kit Bag you're going to wonder how lived without it.

    It's got one single minded mission - to keep your stuff tidy and organized.  It's the perfect home for your cables, cleaners, lens wipes and all the other stuff that normally just floats around randomly at the bottom of your bag.

    The bag unzips the full length giving you a wide opening to stuff your things into and extract your things out of the bag.  There's also a handy carry handle at one end of the bag to allow you to pick up the bag with ease.



    Browse the Weekender range

    The Weekender range is now available to order online. Click here to browse the range and find out more.