Sam Cohan for Langly sits down with Brand Ambassador Ian Morrison to discuss his recent shoot in Alaska, his dislike of Colonialism and his love for Langly Camera bags.

SC: You’re on the road now, where are you?

IM: I’m finally getting some R and R in my life. I’m in Nantucket at my lady’s parents living that slow life. Still getting in my computer time but taking a break from everything for a moment.

SC: But you were in Valdez for a week shooting before?

IM: We were shooting with a brand called Allied Feather & Down – A supplier of humane feather and down for major brands. For their brand Peak Performance we were up there to do a short film about climate change and the melting glaciers and I shot the stills.

 Ian Morrison x Langly

Ian Morrison x Langly

SC: Easy shoot?

IM: Not at all! We only had four hours of dark. 20 hour days working. 3-4 hours drive to get to the glacier, film all day and then back. I’ve been a lot of places though and it’s been one of my favorites for sure.

SC: How’d you spend the time on that drive.

IM: Catch up on sleep! I like to drink a bit so that was happening too.

Ian Morrison x Langly

SC: And early before that you were at the march at Standing Rock?

IM: Yeah that was with Allied Feather & Down as well.  We were finding a way for this massive arctic brand to find a new life and a new audience. Standing Rock was part of that and they gave us a lot of clothing and jackets for the tribes and elders there.

Ian Morrison x Langly

SC: What was your take away from that experience? What was inspiring? What was cause for concern?

IM: Colonization, definitely. As soon as it was brought to my attention that that was part of the march I really cued in. And it’s really mixed there. Like, a lot of people are using plastic forks and utensils and not realizing that those are also a product of oil. They’re things they don’t need. Things that colonization brought into our lives. And one of the things I realize whenever I get back from travelling third world countries – how bombarded we are with advertising for things we don’t need.  I like to imagine living away from all of it because we don’t need these things. But it’s also weird for me because as a photographer I make my living shooting ads and brand campaigns so it’s a bit conflicted for me at times.


Ian Morrison x Langly

SC: And how do you balance that?

IM: Getting out of the States as much as possible really helps me.


Ian Morrison x Langly


Ian Morrison x Langly Ian Morrison x Langly

Ian Morrison x Langly


SC: How’d you get involved with Langly?

IM: I met Evan a while ago and started learning about his brand and he asked me to come stop by, gave me some product to use. They’re probably the best products I use. I hate Tamrac stuff. Langly bags are durable and have personality to them. Evan also brought me into a nice community of photographers I really respect.

SC: Do you have a project you’re moving onto?

IM: I’m moving forward with a year long project and I’m just trying to focus on people and my personal journalism projects. Something that balances all the campaigns and advertising I shoot and gets me back into my roots as a photographer and got me into the art. 


Ian Morrison x Langly


Ian Morrison x Langly 

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Ian MorrisonIan Morrison x LanglyIan Morrison x LanglyIan Morrison for Allied Feather and DownIan Morrison for Allied Feather and Down

 Ian Morrison x LanglyIan Morrison x Langly

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