Photography is a powerful medium, no more so during times of conflict.  It provides us with a uniquely raw and unfiltered view into the everyday reality of those impacted by conflict.

The crisis in Ukraine is one of the first major conflicts in the age of social media and Instagram, and is now providing the world with a never before experienced portal into the events on the ground and the impact the war is having on the Ukrainian people and their country.

It allows those removed from the event to get a small sense of the events and actions taking place, and the impact it’s having on all sides of the conflict.

Here’s our pick of the best instagram accounts to follow to get a sense of the events taking place. (WARNING: these accounts contain senstive and graphic content)

Evgeniy Maloletka


Evgeniy Maloletka is a freelance Ukrainian photojournalist based in Kiev, his work has been published in TIME, The NY Times, Washing Post, Telegraph and more.  This is our pick for the best Ukraine instagram account to follow.

Marcus Yam


Roving foreign correspondent for the LA Times, Marcus Yam was the recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Journalism Award for his work documenting the every day plight of Gazans during clashes in the Gaza Strip.  He's been part of two Pulitzer Price winning news teams that covered terrorist attacks in the US

Wolfgang Schwan


Philadelphia, US based photographer has had his iconic Ukraine photos lead front pages across the globe from the New York Post to the Sydney Morning Herald

Aris Messinis


Just a few months ago Aris Messinis was photographing basketball at the Tokyo Olympics, today this Chief photographer for the Greece AFP is documenting a different kind of aggression on the front line.

Emilio Morenatti


Spain and Portugal Chief Photographer for the Associated Press & Editorial Manager at

Life behind the lens on the battlefield

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