What is the Best Small Camera Bag?

What is the Best Small Camera Bag?

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to camera bags. Quite often, a small but perfectly formed camera bag is a better option for your photography adventures rather than a big bulky backpack.

Choosing the best small camera bag for your needs will mean making the most of the space provided. Typically small camera bags will only accommodate a single camera body and one or two lenses, but they are the perfect choice for short excursions or when you’re travelling in cramped spaces like the bus or train.

4 Types Of Small Camera Bags

In the trade-off between convenience and size, you may need to make some sacrifices on what you take with you when switching to a smaller camera bag. Find out the best option for you and your gear below as we break down the four most common smaller sized camera bags.

1.  Compact Camera Backpacks

A compact camera backpack is simply a smaller, slimmer version of a full-size camera backpack. It will have a much lower profile and be thinner and shallower than its bigger brothers. Other than that, they will have many of the usual features of a full-size camera backpack, including great padding, good harnesses and straps, and plenty of pockets and storage. Many compact camera bags can also accommodate a laptop; check the size and fit in advance if that is an essential feature for you.


Langly alpha compact camera bag for women

2.  Cross Body Camera Bags

A cross body camera bag is a bit like a traditional Messenger Bag. It’s worn over the shoulder and across the body (hence the name). Although there is limited room inside, they are still capable of holding a camera body and a couple of lenses plus a few odds and ends. One of the great advantages of a cross body camera bag is the easy access. Just swing it around your front, and your equipment is right there, ready to go—no need to take it off your back and rummage around etc.

Cross Body Camera Bag

3.  Camera Holsters Or Slings

The most compact camera bag option by far is the camera holster or sling. Designed to be carried around the neck or on the shoulder and sometimes attached to a belt around the waist, camera sling bags provide instant, easy access combined with affordability and convenience. Camera slings are the best option if you’re travelling really light and just need the one body and lens (plus a few smaller accessories). They can also be used as an extra layer of protection when placed inside larger camera bags.

4.  Camera Cubes

Camera Cube bags are specifically designed to protect your gear while packed into larger bags or suitcases or while travelling in the car. Also known as a compression packing cube, they provide an easy to carry one-handed option while offering excellent access as the entire front area of the Camera Cube opens up. No more fumbling around in the dark for your camera bodies and lenses, and you’ve got an easy compact way to carry what you need for the day.

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