What is the Best Camera Bag for Women?

What is the Best Camera Bag for Women?

A good camera bag is one that fits well, is comfortable and holds an appropriate amount of camera gear for the job. Because women are different from men, a different fit is necessary when looking for a camera bag.

Women are generally smaller than men and have different proportions with longer legs and a smaller upper body. Often women find ‘standard’ camera backpacks too big and bulky and out of proportion to their more petite frame.


What Makes A Camera Backpack Women’s Specific?

Generally, the only functional differences between a unisex or regular camera bag are the size and profile. Women’s specific camera backpacks are usually smaller (shorter and narrower) than unisex or men’s camera bags.

Sometimes women’s camera bags also come in a wider variety of colours (not just black) and have a unique style or materials to set the bag apart from a more traditional/functionally focused pack.


Should I Buy A Women’s Style Camera Bag?

One of the most important factors in choosing a camera bag is comfort. Pain in the shoulders and/or back can sometimes indicate a poor fit for backpacks in particular, so it may be worth trying out a women’s specific camera bag to see if it is a better fit. A women’s specific camera bag can also be a good solution if you are struggling with the bulk of a traditional bag or even if you just prefer a more feminine look to the bag.

Other than a backpack, there are some other more stylish camera bag options for women, such as cross body bags, shoulder bags or handbag style camera bags. These are not worn on the back and are worn over the shoulder or carried on the shoulder like a handbag. These are a great option if you are going for a more subtle look and don’t want to give off that paparazzi vibe. See here for more information on what to look for in a camera bag.


Compare the dimensions

Just how much difference is there between a camera bag designed for women and a unisex one? Here is an example comparison of two popular camera bags from Langly. All measurements are external dimensions.



Alpha Globetrotter

Alpha Compact


Alpha globetrotter camera backpack

 Alpha Compact Camera Backpack for women


18” (45cm)

16.75” (42.5cm)


14” (35cm)

11.75” (30cm)


8” (20cm

6.5” (16.5cm)


View product

View product

All measurements are external dimensions


Women’s Specific Camera Bags Example

Take a look below at a great example of a camera bag for women.

The Alpha Compact Camera Bag By Langly

Langly’s solution to providing a great camera bag for female customers is the Alpha Compact Camera Bag. While not marketed as a women’s specific camera bag, it ticks all the boxes for the smaller framed person and was designed to carry a more compact load.


Still not sure which camera bag to buy? Check out the Langly range of top quality camera bags here, or get in touch for professional advice on choosing the right camera bag today!