What is the Best Camera Strap?

What is the Best Camera Strap?

There’s not a one size fits all answer to this question, it really does depend on the situation you’re using your camera in and what your personal preference is when it comes to camera straps.

Regardless of these factors there are some common things you need to look out for when buying a camera strap:

Durability & materials

When buying a camera strap you want one that lasts.  That means investing in a quality strap constructed from quality materials.  There are four main types of material used in camera straps:

Leather camera strap

Probably the most stylish strap option leather is a strap material that is naturally strong and gets better with age.  A leather camera strap will not let you down, but you do need to treat it right, keeping the strap clean is essential and applying a leather conditioner or protective cream every now and then will prolong the life of the strap and avoid cracking.

Paracord camera strap

Paracord straps are great option for isolating any shocks that your camera might receive at the business end of the strap.  Typically constructed from 550lb cord, the same stuff that is used in parachutes, paracord has a natural build in elasticity to minimize the impact of any jolts on your equipment.

Webbing camera strap

A webbing based strap like the Langly Tactical Camera Strap is a good light weight and super reliable option.  These straps have a relatively wide webbing which distributes the weight of your camera gear making it a comfortable option.  They also function well in dirty and wetter conditions as they are easy to clean and dry

Rope strap

Rope straps are simple and secure ways of keeping hold of your camera.  Typically used in the construction of camera wrist straps, the rope is the same type that is used for climbing ropes.  This type of rope has a built in shock absorbing quality which like paracord straps is useful in minimizing any impacts from drops.


Strap Connections

Connections are an important component when decided what the best camera strap is for you as well.  If you just have the one camera and don’t plan on swapping the strap around between different bodies the connection may not be too important.  But those that do want the versatility of swapping out straps between cameras may appreciate a quick release connection type.

The other connection types are simple string or webbing connections that attach directly to the camera body.  Make sure the connections are robust as often these can be a weak point on any strap


Without a doubt you’ll want to consider what style is right for you.  Got an old school M4/3 body? Then pairing it with a classy leather camera strap will really enhance the set up.  Or if you have a more modern camera a paracord or webbing type strap may be a more appropriate match style-wise.


Still not sure which camera strap to buy? Check out the Langly range of top quality camera straps here, or get in touch for professional advice on choosing the right camera strap today!