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Langly co. | | April 06 2019

Photographer Ike Edeani shows the beauty of Africa through the use of natural light and a sense of intimacy based on his own journey through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Karibu Tena, was shot during a chaotic journey over four weeks visiting remote communities, schools and meeting wonderful people along the way. Ike was born and raised Nigeria and is now based in New York where he works as a photographer.

Introducing // Langly Brand Ambassador : TAG CHRISTOF

Melanie deJesus | | September 27 2017

Melanie deJesus for Langly examines the work of Brand Ambassador, Tag Christof, the photographer behind "America Is Dead" and a photo journalist who sees the importance of considering the immediate world around us before it's gone. 

Introducing // Langly Brand Ambassador : AMBER L. CANTERBURY

Melanie deJesus | | August 16 2017

Melanie deJesus for Langly connects with Brand Ambassador, Amber L. Canterbury, to discuss recent work in the Congo, her moment of gratitude, and life on the road.


Introducing // Langly Brand Ambassador : Ian Morrison

Melanie deJesus | | July 04 2017

Sam Cohan for Langly sits down with Brand Ambassador Ian Morrison to discuss his recent shoot in Alaska, his dislike of Colonialism and his love for Langly Camera bags.


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