Langly co. | | October 06 2015

The state of Florida is Melissa Lyttle’s home and photographic inspiration. She has photographed the diversity of Florida’s population and the tough lives of those living in motels around the state for more than 12 years. Her photos capture both the dark and colorful side of the state where countless stories take place every day. We caught up with Melissa to find out how her career has have evolved since she photographed Motel Families in 2003.


Langly co. | | September 29 2015

Guatemalan photographer Jaime Permuth captured the everyday lives of the people working in the junkyards of Queens before its radical change in 2012. The ‘Yonkeros’,  strip wreck cars to sell them as metal or parts. The term was born from the English word junk and conjugated in Spanish by the vast majority of immigrants living in Willets Point, Queens. What was once a bustling industrial area of commerce and business where the New York City’s Yonkeros made a living, is now a development area that will serve the modern daydream of glamour. Jaime says that with places like these disappearing, the city is losing its poetry.

Getting deep: Christopher Leidy

Langly co. | | September 27 2015

Photographer Christopher Leidy feels most at home underwater. He harnesses the dichotomy of stillness in a fast-moving world with his art. Leidy evokes the sheer complexity and beauty of being totally in the moment through the seascapes and creatures he encounters. It is in the ocean where Leidy finds solace.


Langly co. | | September 20 2015

I went to a circus looking for a daily life feature, and when I asked where I could find children practicing to become professional, I learned about the circus school. The training in this school involves discipline, motivation, and a lot of practicing.


Langly co. | | August 20 2015

Photographer Ike Edeani shows the beauty of Africa through the use of natural light and a sense of intimacy based on his own journey through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Karibu Tena, was shot during a chaotic journey over four weeks visiting remote communities, schools and meeting wonderful people along the way. Ike was born and raised Nigeria and is now based in New York where he works as a photographer.

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