Langly co. | | October 31 2014

This story starts in Italy more than 80 years ago when Mussolini prohibited the use of foreign language in movies. Italian actors started being tied up to specific voices like well-known Feruccio Amendola and his persona that incorporated De Niro, Hoffman and Stalone all in one. Italians still love the voices and the persona these dubbers have created. This fascinating story caught the interest of American photographer Reed Young and took him to visit one of the biggest studios of dubbers in Rome. Reed and the Italian Dubbers managed to recreate the most famous scenes of Hollywood. Irony, Hollywood and an Italian/Roman mood make this photo story interesting and captivating. We talked to Reed about how was it like to shoot these unique Italian celebrities.

The Moneybag Movement in Syracuse: Andrew Renneisen

Langly co. | | October 27 2014

The Moneybag Movement is a hip-hop group from Syracuse, New York a city that is at its peak in poverty levels. Within rough social and employment conditions the members of the group find time to be parents, work at odd jobs, attend basement parties and keep their dream of making hip-hop alive. Photographer Andrew Renneisen spent some time with the guys from the Moneybag Movement and has won two consecutive student awards of excellence with the Alexia Foundation for his projects documenting violence and social issues.

Interview: Molly Matalon

Langly co. | | October 13 2014

Molly Matalon's new photographs feel like a candy store. She grew up in South Florida with palm trees, pools and sunny days in her surroundings. Her well-known photo story on her Mom shows the lifestyle the landscape in South Florida lends itself for. Her photographs have since, taken a new way into people’s portraits and new perspectives where she travels. Molly is now based in Brooklyn and has launched a book on her more recent photo-project, a set of studio portraits that look like yearbook photos full of character. We caught up with her and talked about lighting, travelling and what’s the secret to make it as a young photographer.


Langly co. | | October 11 2014

In the Southern Garden is a photo-story of the past and the present that Swedish born and Texan raised photographer Kris Davidson has been working on for the last four years. It’s a journey that takes you to understand some aspects of what it means to be American. Diversity, wilderness, slavery, civil war and religion unfold in a green lush landscape in the South of the United States. Shot in a Sinar 4x5 camera  the photos create a sense of stillness from the beginnings of photography. We talked to Kris about her project and where it’s heading.

Featured Profile: Mark Clinton

Evan Lane | | October 07 2014

Growing up on Sydney’ s Northern Beaches, it was only natural for Mark Clinton to fall in love with the ocean. From an early age, clean waves and glowing pink sunrises had me captivated, motivating me to pick up a camera and record what I saw. As time drew on and my desire to see new places grew, I spent my time traveling through Europe and South East Asia with the aim of documenting my experiences.

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