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Paracord Camera Strap


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Originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, 550-lb test paracord flexes but doesn’t break.

Whether you wear your camera as a sling or loop it around your neck, the Paracord Camera Strap’s natural suspension shields your camera from shocks when you’re moving through rough terrain.

Equipped with sturdy nylon webbing and soft, suede lining, this camera strap feels great when worn. It’s easy to forget that the Paracord Camera Strap is more than just comfort and good looks.

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    the strap is excellent

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    Happy with purchase

    United States United States
    Paracord is for Style, not durability.

    Nikon D850 with 24-70mm lens As is, the strap is good. I have made a couple mods to it to make it a bit sturdier. It is plenty sturdy for an ultra heavy camera setup now. For the tiny string that connects to the actual camera: wrap it around the camera loops multiple times, then run the attached clip end through the wrap. This makes it go from 2 thin strings to essentially 8 or so. It won't break off now. Then there's the clips in general. The paracord will obviously never break, but the clips? If it will break the clips will definitely go first. I have found the clips to be plenty sturdy, and kind of useful, though. (With the string wrapped like I mentioned above, the clip end rests on the camera. When you unclip, it is as if there is and never was a strap. Useful when you don't want a strap hanging for no reason) All that being said, I would totally recommend to anyone. I've got quite a heavy setup, so any camera should be fine. Except ultra telephoto. ;)

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